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Autograph Collection

Celebrating Midwest Artistry through Signature Styles

The Prairy Autograph Collection highlights artists from the historic Great Plains regions of U.S. and Canada by bringing their inspiring work into the everyday lives of people. This unique range of products is designed to capture the beauty and spirit of the region, reflected through the eyes of its artists.

Each item in the collection is inspired by a specific piece of art and aims to evoke the same emotions and appreciation for the Midwest's natural beauty. Whether you're wearing it, using it, or gifting it, each piece from the Prairy Autograph Collection is a small part of the vast, tranquil prairies, meant to be cherished and shared.

Evening Calm

Evening Calm

Pastel, 15x15

Our first series in the outdoor Autograph Collection is based on the "Evening Calm" pastel painting by Bob Regier of North Newton, KS.

Place is an important part of who we are as a people and there is nothing more calming than the Flint Hills tallgrass prairie at dusk. The colors are exquisitely captured here by the eye of the artist, and shared with you through our evolving product presentations.

Bob Regier

Our Prairy Autograph Collection socks are a blend of local sourcing, quality, and artistry. Made in the Midwest using a Merino wool blend, these socks carry the calming hues and serene landscape of the prairies into your daily attire.

The stocking hats in our collection merge cool weather practicality with artistic homage. Providing both warmth and style, these hats showcase the soothing colors and tranquility of a prairie evening.

One Percent for the Tallgrass Prairie