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Konza Prairie nature trail overlooking Manhattan, Kansas

Prairy, LLC Sustainability Statement

Our family is not a family of born activists, but we are born naturalists… at least in our own minds! With the outdoors as our focus, it’s easy to calibrate most of our decisions around what’s best for the environment. Although often informal in our processes, our efforts remain steadfast, and are at the core of our sustainability efforts at Prairy.


A couple of generations removed from the family farm, we remain dedicated to supporting local food producers, and are increasingly supportive of the growing trend in regenerative agriculture practices. Shop local to us means source local, focusing as much of our purchasing dollars as possible on sourcing home grown, grass fed, hormone free and organic, along with products which are more traditional in their planting, production and harvesting methods.


Upon purchasing the business in 2014, and rebranding to Prairy, we quickly acquired roof top solar panels to subsidize our power needs. We have added additional capacity since. Grocery, food preparation and food distribution are all heavily dependent upon the wonders of refrigeration technology which makes us a significant user of energy.   Reducing our energy footprint through sustainable energy practices was a very “natural” and easy decision for our family. A way of putting our money back into our operations for the good of the local and global community.


In addition to the focus on reducing our environmental footprint, we made the conscious decision to stay downtown and reinvest in our wonderful historic buildings.  Built in the late 1800’s in the historic district of downtown Newton. In addition to the solar, our investments have included modernizing our heating and cooling systems, along with remodeling and repurposing much of the structure to encompass our growing retail operations, production kitchen, shipping and receiving area and a much-needed downtown event space on the mezzanine level for the community.   


Our line of Prairy made products utilizes “clean recipes” and locally sourced ingredients where possible in an effort to promote healthy food options, reduce our fossil fuel footprint, and to support our growing community of local and regional producers.


“Waste not want not” is a concept we were all raised with. At Prairy we promote reusable food and drink containers, and a broad line of bulk food, and bulk supplied personal and household goods products. Our staff is happy to refill your container of choice or supply you with one of ours which you can continue to reuse with each visit to Prairy or elsewhere. Not only is this environmentally friendly, but it is also financially savvy . . . another “waste not, want not” concept everyone can appreciate! Now if we could just get rid of those plastic bags… Hmmm.

Prairy Brand

Initially known as Prairie Harvest, our family chose to rebrand the business to Prairy which is an old English version of what we call the prairie today. PRAIRYn. An extensive tract of land, mostly level, destitute of trees, and covered with tall coarse grass. Never really thought of the rebranding we did as a “reuse” concept, but it feels reinvigorating to be investing in a future which is actually rooted in our past! Through contributions to the Prairy Foundation, we’re committed to the preservation, restoration, and revitalization of the tallgrass prairie and its historic communities.

Line drawing of Big Bluestem prairie grass

Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Restore, Remodel, Refurbish, Repurpose, Recycle, Regenerate, Reinvigorate, Reimagine, Reinvest, Rewind, Refocus and Return to the local and global community best describe who we are and what we treasure! 

Whether you shop with us in our retail store, online, or at a retailer near you for our growing family of Prairy Bites, Prairy Provisions, Prairy Life, Prairy Pet or Prairy Outdoors products, we invite you to join us on our sustainability journey. As the world continues to become a “smaller place”, we strive to balance the people, planet, profit equation with individual purpose and the Prairy brand proposition to reinvest in the Tallgrass Prairie and its historic communities.

Join us!