Capacity and Seating

How many people can the space hold?

The Mezzanine can accommodate up to 200 people. 96 people can sit comfortably around circular tables. We will only provide 96 chairs.

Are tables and chairs available?

Yes! We can set the tables up for you ahead of time if you specify an arrangement you would like.

  • 12 round, 5 ft. tables (seats 6-8)
  • 8 round, 4 ft. tables (seats 4-6)
  • 10 round, 3 ft. tables (high or low, low seats 2-4)
  • 4 rectangular, 6 ft. tables (primarily used for serving, available with black table skirts)

White table cloths can be rented for a fee.

Dates and Times

How do I know if the date and time that I want is available?

Look at our booking calendar for available dates and times.

How long before my event can I get access to The Mezzanine?

You get access to the space for whatever time you reserve, plus 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after. If you need more than 15 minutes to set up before your event starts or to teardown and vacate afterwards, please account for the additional time when making your reservation.

Can I still rent The Mezzanine if Prairy isn't open?

Yes! Please use the 6th Street entrance which will be left unlocked for the duration of your event. This will be the only unlocked entrance if Prairy is closed.

Our address is 601 N. Main St.


Can we bring in live music or guest speakers?

We require approval for live music and guest speakers. We need to ensure that your plans won't disrupt the other businesses in the building.

If approved for use, we do have a PA system -- and also a stage!

Can we play music?

Probably. Phones / iPods can be plugged into the PA system to play music over the speakers (we've got a plug for a headphone jack and Bluetooth). However, as this is a shared multi-use space, use of the PA systems requires approval to ensure you won't disrupt the other tenants in this and the adjacent building.

Can we use your digital projector?

Yes, you may use our projector for an additional fee. Be sure to bring the cords or adapters that you need. The projector has HDMI and other standard connections. Please explain your projector needs when booking the space. We will help with the setup of the projection equipment, but please be prepared to assist with this prior to the event. We will not be responsible for technical difficulties if you did not allow us ample time to troubleshoot before the equipment is needed.

Food, Drink, and Catering

Can we bring in outside food?

We strongly encourage renters to use the catering services provided by Prairy. Here’s a link to our current catering menu:

Prairy Catering Menu (link to Google Sheet)

You may also bring your own food or outside catering.

Can we use The Mezzanine kitchen?

The kitchen currently has limited functionality but there is a residential oven, sink, refrigerator, and counter space available for use without additional charge. Serving and cooking utensils and pans are not provided.

Do you provide dinnerware?

Dinnerware is available if catering is provided by Prairy.

If you bring in outside food, you are responsible for bringing your own dinnerware. Trash and recycling is available on-site.

What about water and coffee?

We will happily provide water for your event (glass dispenser w/plastic cups). Coffee and other beverages are available through our catering menu.

What happens with leftovers?

If you hire Prairy to cater your event and have leftovers, we encourage you to take those leftovers home with you. If you don't want to take the leftover food with you, we will attempt to donate it to a worthy cause in town.

If you bring your own food, you must take all leftovers with you!

Do you allow alcohol on The Mezzanine?

Alcohol is not allowed without prior approval.

Will people be provided to serve food and bus tables?

No. Sorry, we do not provide table service for any events.

How does cleanup work?

We appreciate it when our renters clean up after themselves, including bagging trash and cleaning up any immediate spills. We will take out the trash, handle the recycling, wash the tablecloths, sweep the floors and break down the tables and chairs, etc.

Deposits, Billing, and Fees

Are there special rates for non-profits?

Discounts for non-profits may be considered, depending on availability. Please inquire.

Do you have different rates depending on day of week / time of year?

Events over holidays may be subject to higher rates. Please inquire.

When is payment due?

A deposit is required to confirm your reservation. If you cancel your reservation or change the date / time, your deposit will be forfeited (because if you reserve a space and back out later, you will have caused us to lose the ability to rent the space during that time slot).

Payment in full is due prior to your event.

If any damage or additional cleaning fees need to be assessed following your event, an invoice will be sent, due upon receipt, to the event contact person.

Location and Directions

What is the address? How do we tell people to get there?

The address for the mezzanine itself is 104 W. 6th St. It is located above Prairy Market & Deli and in the Newton Mercantile at 601 N. Main St. The entry door on 6th street will get you up to the mezzanine if Prairy Market & Deli is closed.

Where do we park?

There are numerous public parking spaces available downtown (just don't park in the Midland Bank parking lot during business hours or you risk being towed!).

Can we put up decorations?

Decorations beyond tabletop displays require approval.

Is there a dressing or changing room?

There is a private bathroom at the top of the stairs that may be used as a changing room.

Is there elevator access? Handicap accessible?

Yes, there is an elevator to access the mezzanine. A handicap accessible restroom is available on the first floor of the building. The 6th Street entrance has a wheelchair ramp for easy access.

What about bathrooms?

There are three public restrooms available for use during your event (two on the first floor and one on the top floor). A private restroom is available for event organizers and entertainers.